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About Kevin Balicki

I am a friendly and enthusiastic professional with a solid business sense, and I enjoy building positive connections with individuals I meet. Married with two children, I have been a resident of Sherwood Park since 2001 and have a deep fondness for the area. As a sports enthusiast, I enjoy golf, travel, networking, and engaging in local social events. Discovering new destinations to explore, dining at new eateries, and seeking out unique experiences both locally in Edmonton and globally are always of interest to me.

Before transitioning to the real estate sector, I gained experience in the wholesale building materials industry. Beginning as a warehouse employee, I swiftly progressed into a sales position, relishing in meeting customer needs, generating profits, and cultivating a positive reputation for myself and my employer. Embracing the dynamic nature of the industry, I found fulfillment in problem-solving, meeting supply chain demands, and surpassing client expectations, shaping my approach to business today. Progressing through sales, I eventually assumed a managerial role as our team expanded our company into the leading distribution center in our market. Soon, I became Vice President, overseeing daily operations and sales in Western Canada.

Throughout my career, I cultivated strong relationships and a respected, trustworthy reputation. Additionally, I dedicated several years to volunteering with the local industry association, serving as President during my tenure. My expertise in interior decorative materials allows me to support your residential property goals by providing guidance based on extensive knowledge of material quality and craftsmanship.

The positive ethics of MaxWell Devonshire Realty aligns seamlessly with my principles. Upholding values of integrity, honesty, knowledge, and transparency, MaxWell Realty fosters a culture that resonates with my personal beliefs, which I embody daily. Establishing open, impartial, and honest communication is crucial in nurturing a trustworthy partnership. This is the approach I adopt in the real estate agent-client relationship, swiftly earning trust and respect from new clients. I am eager to represent you in your ideal property transaction!